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At Risk Management Consultancy (RMC) our mission is to help our clients forward in safety management, as we believe that every individual deserves a safe work environment. 

Our approach is based on providing the right mix between safety culture, leadership and management system elements. A better safety performance is the result of better process control. Therefore we always start by hav​ing a look at the bigger picture and may ask some difficult questions along the way. Just to get you where you want to be. Safe and on time... 

"Holding the handrail did not prevent the Titanic from sinking"
prof. dr. J. Groeneweg

Gain insights and improve your safety leadership on a specific level, or based on a turnkey program.


Align your HSE or Risk Management Strategy and improve performance by obtaining expert advise and support. 

Get to better understand your safety culture and develop intervention programs that fit your ambitions.



Today's business dynamics are rapidly evolving. Safety remains a universal critical success factor.

We aim to help companies to come to sustainable safety performance improvement by balancing safety culture, leadership and management systems. We deliver pragmatic custom services based on this notion of integrated safety solutions. 



Safety Culture Ladder Implementatione
Safety Culture Ladder 

We support our clients in improving safety culture through a flexible approach. We deliver pragmatic solutions that match your ambitions. 

Team Talk
Safety Leadership Program

We help companies in different industries improve on HSE performance by running safety leadership engagement and development programs.

Incident Management

Many large corporations depend on RMC for development and implementation of Incident Management Programs: we can offer unique turnkey solutions.  



RMC consists of a group of risk experts and partners that each bring a unique set of skills and expertise.

We are convinced that by working together the sum of the parts is much greater than 1. 

Jan Hinrichs
Sander Zwanikken
Peter Jong


We strongly believe in a network of partners. Our partners provide us with expert tools and expertise, or help us to expand our service model globally, or towards local market specifics.  



Feel free to drop us a line in case you have any questions, or if you would like to get in touch. We look forward hearing from you!

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