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RMC Services

RMC is a global implementation partner for CGE Risk Management software solutions. We provide a full suite of training, coaching and extra services that enable clients to reach a high level of end user adoption and maximum value out of software expenses. 

About IncidentXP

IncidentXP is CGE's incident analysis software product which allows you to use the most popular and globally used incident analysis methods:

  • DNV GL BSCAT (Barrier Based Systematic Cause Analysis Technique)

  • TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis

  • Tripod Beta

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA)

IncidentXP uses the same software framework as BowTieXP, which makes it possible to link incident analysis results back to the proactive risk assessment diagram. However, IncidentXP can also be used as full-fledged stand-alone incident analysis tool.


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