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RMC Training Solutions


We offer a range of Incident Management Training courses. The menu on the right shows some basic elements that are covered in each course.

  • Some courses are truly aimed at the development of Lead Investigator skills for high impact incidents: B,C,D,E,F,G

  • We also provide courses impact for low impact investigations: B,G

  • Or aimed at embedding the incident management process within a company and creating a platform for LFI: A,E,F,G​


In general, our courses are:

  • Provided in an in-company setting

  • Flexible in terms of investigation methodologies covered

  • Highly customisable to client context & cases

  • Limited to max # of participants to ensure effective learning

  • Supported by our complementary services of coaching & peer review during investigations

IM Training Course Overview
A. Incident Management for stakeholders

- Understanding the role and value of incident investigations 

- Role and responsibilities within incident investigations

- Getting value and learnings out of incident investigations

B. Incident Investigation Process

- Setting up a good quality incident investigation

- Application of methodologies for low impact incidents 

- Development of investigation report / follow up on outcomes

C. Incident Analysis

- How to conduct a good quality incident analysis

- Application of RCA/ Tripod methodologies for high impact incidents 

- Development of investigation report / follow up on outcomes

D. Tripod Beta Practitioner - full accredited course

- Tripod Beta Practitioners

- Combination of B + C course with a focus on Tripod Beta method

- Optional assessment for formal Tripod Practitioner accreditation (STF)

E. Refresher Class

- Investigators that have had limited exposure in actual investigations and would like to keep knowledge and skills up to date

F. Master Class

- Platform for experienced Investigators that want to share learnings, experience and outcomes. Facilitate learning curve for advanced investigators. 

G. Software Training

- Can be integrated as an option in all of the above courses

- Aims to get maximum value out of IncidentXP software

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