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RMC provides a number of services that enable companies to better understand and analyse their risks. In practice our added value often comes forth out of a combination of these elements. In our view each company should be able to understand and assess its process risks in order to be able to effectively manage them. 

We train both HSE professionals and line managers on different methodologies available for conducting high quality risk assessments. This training also covers the best and latest methodologies and tools available to support this process. 

RMC can also take an expert, independent role in facilitating your risk assessment process. RMC can assist you in conducting high quality:

  • Risk Assessments


  • BowTie workshops

  • Safety Critical Element Studies

RMC is a preferred implementation partner for BowTieXP software.

We support companies to get the maximum value out of this tool, by developing the competence required for effective end user adoption.  

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