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BowTie  Training & Workshops

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RMC Training Course Overview

We deliver Risk Assessment training in different course modules:

1. Generic BowTie Training Course

This training is suitable for participants with different backgrounds that would like to better understand the BowTie methodology. In this 2-day training course the methodology will be clearly explained by the use of practical cases and examples. Also the basics of available software will be covered. 

2. Custom BowTie Project Course

This training takes the form of a workshop in which live examples of BowTies will be developed in close cooperation with the team involved. This training still covers all of the basic elements, but seeks to move clients and projects forward by working on live cases.   

3. Advanced Training Course

More training is available for clients that have already developed some experience and expertise. RMC can facilitate additional courses that aim to:

  • Share experiences and best practices among organizations

  • Get the most value out of software tools available 

4. BowTieXP software Training Course

For clients that have a main focus in software implementation and/or adoption RMC can also facilitate stand-alone software training courses. 

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BowTie Training.
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