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What RMC delivers

RMC provides a network of experienced accredited Hearts & Minds Facilitators. We work in close partnership with the Energy Institute for working with this program. Our approach is to design a safety culture program around your needs and requirements. This can cover:

  • Advise on program design and development

  • Understanding Your Culture surveys (online)

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Train-the-trainer programs for volume courses

  • Ongoing training & coaching during program roll-outs 

We often use modules out of the H&M toolkit in our safety culture programs. It is also possible that we facilitate certain modules on a stand alone basis. 

A custom approach will be designed centered on your safety culture ambitions taking into account your current standing and strategy. 

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About Hearts & Minds

World-class health, safety and environment (HSE) performance involves more than mechanically applying a safety management system.  It requires the involvement of everyone in the organisation, from top to bottom, utilizing knowledge at all levels, and fully integrating HSE within everyday behavior.  It involves ‘winning hearts and minds’ and improving the safety culture of the organisation.

Winning hearts and minds is about getting everyone to work safely, not because they’ve been told to, but because that is the way they want to work and that is the way they know how to work.  It is about making safety a fully integrated part of working behavior, and in the process easier to manage.

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