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What RMC delivers

Balance provide a basic, but comprehensive safety culture program that focuses on investment in the right safety efforts in order to obtain maximum results. Focus is on generating results by measuring the right efforts on the right priorities. Existing training modules and elements from your strategy can be flexibly adopted into Balance. No need to re-invent the wheel, but a focus on what you need.  

  • Balance Monitor is a simple online survey that measures your strengths and weaknesses on 9 key foundations. 

  • Balance Training provides  modules that cover all required building blocks. No-nonsense and to the point. 

  • Balance Dashboard gives insights in efforts undertaken

By getting the basics right and taking ownership on each level, a self enforcing growth curve can be generated for safety performance. Initially a drastically higher incident reporting rate on your work-floor will result in measures that tackle the root causes, which results in a significantly better long term safety performance. 


Taking ownership and responsibility (Balance!) on each level is the key to success. Attached article (in Dutch) provide some more insights in success stories based on the implementation of the Balance Methodology. 

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