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RMC Approach & Services

Within our network of specialists we have some of the thought leading Academics and experienced Leaders with different backgrounds available that support us in getting our message across. Sometimes the most effective step forward is to put those people in the room with the highest managing ranks of an organization. The objective is not to put safety on the strategic agenda again. ​Safety can often be put in a wider context where people cooperate with each other, which makes it an ongoing strategic management item. That is our starting point, we do also not believe in scare tactics.  

The result of these sessions is very difficult to predict and scripting these sessions has proven to be impossible. Feedback can range from "very funny" to "very disturbing". What matters to RMC is that these sessions are meant as a thought trigger for safety leadership. We could agree that safety is not the next big thing happening to your company, but especially when looking from a process control perspective it is a relevant output that requires ongoing effort and attention.  

These sessions are about generating the right level of understanding and energy to keep investing the personal time, energy and resources for better saftey performance. No matter what safety maturity level or track record your company has.   

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