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What RMC can deliver

Within both international and larger local companies, often larger HSE Teams operate that operate with professionals with a different cultural, educational and safety maturity context. In order to make them cooperate effectively within the same strategic context, providing training programs aimed at HSE Professionals can be very effective. RMC have wide experience in setting up and implementing such programs. The content is often custom made and can cover different aspects of the safety management strategy, policies and procedures. These courses also aim to support each representative to translate the requirements effectively within their own local context and priorities, whilst creating a common platform at the same time. 

Within these training courses RMC aim to:       

  • Create a common language among your HSE Professionals

  • Support the harmonization of tools and methodologies

  • Build a platform for ongoing learning and improvement

  • Share ideas and experiences on safety challenges  

  • Support faster implementation and better adoption on strategic initiatives

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