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What RMC can deliver

Theoretically, and in our experience quite often practically too, this layer suffers the most when it comes down to Safety Leadership Programs. Line Management has to meet and balance requirements coming both top-down and bottom-up. As a result this layer often forms the bottleneck in terms of change capacity, which must be a frustrating position to be in when it comes down to safety performance... 

We therefore believe that special attention is required for line management leadership, as the biggest impact for change can be generated at this level. Explaining the WHY and WHAT is often not the main challenge, as long as it is done in an engaging way. In our view the focus should be on the HOW question. Typical elements that are covered in our programs are:

  • Self awareness: HOW are my behavior and acts perceived by others?

  • Engagement: HOW do I bring our HSE strategy to life?

  • Management: HOW do I motivate people to work safely? 

  • Routines: HOW do I embed safety management in my daily routines?

  • Communication: HOW do I communicate effectively on safety matters? 

  • Support: HOW do I get the help I need from HSE / Management to move forward?

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