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What RMC can deliver

OK let's be honest: after working for years with leading names in high risk industries, we did not develop a silver bullet cure yet that works for everyone. But we did set-up multiple leadership programs that have proven to be effective and delivered sustainable results for different companies. We do encounter skepticism, busy agendas and low interest when starting our courses. But by adding empirical data, originality and a focus on a high level of interaction and communication, our programs are often very well received. Our strongest programs have a clear red line ​across the modules at different levels, which creates a common ground and language across people. This is a key precondition for (behavioral) change. And a reason why our leadership and safety culture programs are often so closely interlinked.  

Although they have the strongest impact when closely linked and balanced within an integrated safety solution, we will provide some background and insights in each of the leadership modules that we have available for different leadership levels:

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