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What RMC delivers

Regardless of the methodology selected, the search for the right skills and competences on the work-floor is always present.  RMC can cover of these operational safety training requirements, as long as they are linked to a behavioral element. We do not provide the obligatory bulk safety training. Often our operational training packages are linked to larger programs that connect initiatives within different levels if the organisation.   

Examples of training courses available through RMC are:

  • Work place observation

  • Work place control

  • Work place dialogue

  • Task  risk analysis

  • Hazard spotting

  • Stop & Go analysis

  • Systematic incident analysis

Within the above courses, effective communication is strongly present. Within our courses we therefore strongly focus on role play, possibly involving actors or by putting line management in the same room. This provides a strong context and realistic dynamics for stimulating better safety behavior and generating a common language and understanding across the organisation. 

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